Thoughts of an insecure person

I need to know that you will be in my tomorrow.
I need to know that you can’t break the long-ass promise you made,
that you’re not too much for me,
that the piece of shit I own–my brains–isn’t going to make you leave.
I need to know that you didn’t actually give up on me that day,
that you knew that we were going to be fine all along,
that a day without me doesn’t exist in your calendar,
that I’m not half as bad as I see myself.
I need you to tell me that my unbearable habits aren’t an enigma anymore,
that the idea of losing me torn you apart,
that I am brokenly capable of love,
that I bring serenity to your life.
I need you to swear that you’re going to be my side despite all of our rough patches.
I need you to stay, even when I leave.
I need you to be pride-less because I’m pride-full.
I need you to make me believe that I’m not lame, dull, self-centered, arrogant, disloyal, unfair, grotesque, different, odd, careless, mean…
I need you to need me as much as I need you, because being this needy is breaking through my shield.



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